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Aura Questions & Orders : Call 617-733-5493

Very Special Thanks go to John & Billings Cay for permission to scan Views of Italy originals, featured in AD, for enjoyment of new audiences.

Views of Italy limited edition custom coloration by Alderman for designer Aaron Stewart of Stewart Rodriguez, San Juan + New York; special variation for Nan Quick interior design.


Aura, "the phenomenon of a distance, however close it may be" -- Walter Benjamin

Inquiries : Call art director Holly Alderman, 617-733-5493 | Email dimensions or elevations for estimates: aldermanholly [at] gmail

Flowers & Birds | Sublime Scenics | Accent Ornament | New Hues

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Holly Alderman's art combines serious purpose, wit, and whimsey in an engaging alchemy.

Diana Wolfe Larkin, Ph.D., art historian and poet

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