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Antique Chinoiserie Wallpaper Hamlen Collection

Young Nathaniel Hamlin sailed at age 21 on a clipper ship from Boston's Long Wharf to Calcutta and two years later to China, where he bought this hand painted wallpaper, 40 rolls of garden chinoiserie panorama composed and hand painted by gifted artisans. He establshed Mainstone Farm in 1872, where generations including his great great grandson Dev Hamlen enjoyed the wallpaper in the dining room. Dev envisions enjoyment by new audiences in The Hamlen Collection -- state of the art innovative digital chic on sustainable bespoke wallpaper, fabrics and art renewed by Wallquest in USA. 

Panel 1 - Custom printed on Eco Chic premium wallpaper to paste on wall, mount on board, frame, or cut into two panels

Colors: garden colors and light teal blue background.

Sizes: L, M, S

L - 56" x 80" (option, crop sky to 74"h); [387.3] $2025

L - Two panels, each 28"w x 80"(or to 74")

M - 36"w x 48"h [193.67] $780

S - 30"w x 40"h [103.75] $550 (Framed art canvas $1080)

Auspicious Symbols include butterflies, blooming branches, birds, longevity rocks or scholars rocks, lotus, peonies, plum blossoms, roses, magpies, white ducks, pheasants, wood ducks, more

Turnaround 3 to 4 weeks 

Copyright ©2018 by Devens H. Hamlen. All rights reserved.

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