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Dufour Framed, Toronto

Dufour Framed, Toronto

Regular price $ 2,500.00

Custom prints, singles or sets, Views of Antiquity, Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples, Alderman Dufour prints 

Moveable wallpaper scenes, framed and/or mounted, canvas or paper.

Sizes standard or custom: 40"x40", 30"x30", 24"x24", 30"x40"

Order single prints, pairs, trios, collections

Price is for one framed wallpaper or canvas print 40"x40", shipping not included

Frames for art canvas: Black, White, Silver or Gold

Colors: Classical grisaille /grays, and sepia monochromes, bespoke contemporary colors, light, medium. Blue sky blends with monochromes. Hand painted washes or details for additional cost, and full color images.