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Dufour Lobby, Manhattan

Dufour Lobby, Manhattan

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New limited edition, custom printed for curved niches

"Dufour was the leading French maker of scenic wallpapers during the French Empire and Restoration periods. ... Known for fine engravings of views of Paris, London and Constantinople..."--Wendy Moonan, NYT'92

Dufour modeled scenes from Comte M.G.A.F. de Choiseul Gouffier's 'Voyage Pittoresque de la Grèce', Vol.1. Published in Paris, 1782 and again in 1814.

Style: 19th century French Empire ‘grisaille’, hand printed by wood blocks in 6 tones/layers of warm grisaille, antiques anew

Quantity: 2 compositions, cropped by the architect

Size: 8’w x 4’h

Color: sepia medium

Substrate: FR linen-textured vinyl wall covering

Proofs tba in variations of sepia medium

Special thanks to Daniel Saccardo, Superior Giclee, Todd May Photography, Boston, and Tom Blodgett for permission to scan Dufour originals.