Custom printed design, size, colors
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Framed Art Pairs + Trios

Make chinosierie garden scenes your own with custom printed canvas framed and delivered ready to hang 

Hamlen chinoiserie printed on art canvas and framed

... in the lobby of an historic brick office building, view an example of framed art canvas, one of a pair custom printed for The Hamlen Collection LLC by Wallquest. 

Select pairs, trios, singles or an entire collection. 


Frames: 1/2" wide, choice of 4 frame colors, (A) White, (B) Gold, (C) Silver, (D) Black, with a half inch setback 

Sizes: 24"x 48" as shown*

Printed on fine art canvas and framed by Wallquest.

Shipping: Boxed ready to hang. Delivery to 60 countries from Wallquest near Philadelphia. 

Proof in 2 to 3 weeks, then delivery in 2 to 3 weeks.

*Also available framed in sizes (b) 24" x 60", (c) 32"x 60", 4(d) 40"x 65", (e) 24"x30", (f) 24"x24", (g) 30"x30", (h) 40"x40"