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Hamlen Limited Edition Art

Custom printed scenes on art canvas, non woven wallpaper, archival fine art paper. Framed in black, white, or silver, gold, custom. 


Hamlen Collection chinoiserie, Cay Collection Dufour Redux, Saint-Gaudens Gardens Collection, Geometrics Collection, Central Park Collection, Old French Bridges and Bricks

Framed canvas with customized gray background, Boston office lobby near Faneuil Hall

Hamlen chinoiserie printed on art canvas and framed

Framed Art Canvas: Frame Sizes

(A) 24"x 24"

(B) 30"x 30"

(C) 40"x 40"

(D) 30"x 40"

(E) 24"x 40" (shown)

(F) custom, up to 56"x125"

Frames, 1/2 inch wide

Colors: Black, White, Silver/premium, custom


Framed Wallpaper Prints, single panel, pair or sets

chinoiserie wallpaper panels for framing

Wallpaper art panels

width 24" to 54", height 36" to 108", and custom