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1-1 Traditional Home

1-1 Traditional Home

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Traditional Home features designer Alaina Michelle Ralph -- "The designer found her jumping-off point in an elegant chinoiserie wallpaper drenched in blue, which she used to cocoon the master bedroom. 'It led to everything else', she said."

Hamlen wallpaper Chinoiserie in Traditional Home magazine, Alaina Michelle Ralph

Garden Bathing--Thanks go to Alaina Michelle Ralph, Charleston SC, Traditional Home magazine, "Soul of the Sea... Elegant Antiques Bring Warmth to a South Carolina Home Inspired by the Sea" by Sally Finder Weepie & Eleanor Roper, Spring 2021, pages 76-77.  Photos: Katie Charlotte Fiedler..
Fine digital printing by Wallquest: Flowers and birds chinoiserie offers authentic antique trompe l'oeil patina, preserved in fine digital scans renewed and customized for new audiences.
Double panoramas, 17 panels surround the bedroom and library alcove. Wallpaper custom height 104", also available with custom background color and texture.
Price is for 1 wallpaper sample, 8x10 inches.