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Set Sail With Dufour, Indoors

Vanguard digital scenic wallpaper conservation and reproductions with custom coloration designed by Alderman, printed by Wallquest; also hand painted panels
Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Scenes Views of Italy blue sky 4 panels A B C D
''Wallpaper is par excellence a French art form: the French wallpaper decors revolutionized the concept of interior design."
— Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz, specialist in antique French wallpaper originals, dealer and author quoted by Wendy Moonan in The New York Times

Scenic wallpapers of Mediterranean harbors, seascapes and exotic landscapes were hand carved on wood blocks and printed for export c1815-1820. Panoramas originated by Dufour et Cie in 19th century Paris are now available in new colors and custom designer editions, plus fabrics and framed art, customized and printed on eco chic sustainable wallcovering by Wallquest in USA. 

Sails on the Mediterranean 2, Dufour antique wallpaper, Holly Alderman digital chic        Sails on the Mediterranean, Dufour antique wallpaper, Holly Alderman digital chic
"Dufour was the leading French maker of scenic wallpapers during the French Empire and Restoration periods. Known for fine engravings of views of Paris, London and Constantinople, he produced a lot of wallpapers after 1815, for export to England and America. 
— Wendy Moonan, ANTIQUES; Scenic Views, Even Indoors, On Wallpaper, in The New York Times, 1998

Call Holly Alderman 617-733-5493 or email aldermanholly [at] gmail to discuss a new bespoke designer edition.

Colors: Light browns above, or light grays below, or one of a kind designer colors and accents, blue sky option, textures, gold and metallics, pearlescent layers


Paper: Premiere durable non woven wallcovering with a beautiful antique look and feel, made in USA and forest certified. For luxury hospitality specifications, certified fire rated FR substrates. Framed prints on artist canvas.

Order: One panel, several, or full panoramas

Special thanks go to John and Billings Cay for kind permission to photograph their original French wallpaper by Joseph Dufour  et Cie, at Rose Hill, a masterful renovation designed by Amelia Handegan, featured in Architectural Digest -- 

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Views of Italy Tall Ship The Cay Collection new Dufour original sepia

Framed canvas prints

Frames: Black or White or Silver, 1/2" wide

Sizes: 40"x40", 30"x30", 24"x24", 30"x40", custom

Order: One framed print, several, or collection 

Estimates: Each inquiry or order receives a custom estimate valid for 30 days.

Turnaround: 3 to 6 weeks.

Proof: A color proof is sent for customer approval before custom printing.

Fabrics: Six sample strike-offs in the works include: Combed cotton sateen, Heavy oyster linen, Organic cotton denim, Cotton duck, Silk habotai, and Artist canvas

Cay Collection images and printed editions copyright ©2018 by Holly Alderman, all rights reserved.

Matrix in grisaille with blue sky
Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Views of Italy Mast MAtrix Blue Sky The Cay Collection new Dufour original sepa