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America's finest museum of decorative arts, Winterthur exhibits Dufour Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples in renewed antique coloration that adds vitality to the Baltimore Room. Photos by Evan John, 2019.

Henry Dupont selected the panorama when the wallpaper was block printed only in monochromes, in deep grays, sepia, olive, citron and russet, seven layers plus white cloud accent stencils.

More Views of Italy originals are preserved at the V&A Museum and Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, also displayed in the Naples Room at Cambridge Historical Society on Brattle Street, the Moffat Ladd House entrance in Portsmouth NH, Franklin Pierce Homestead, inns and private houses.

Alderman paints Dufour panels in fine digital printing by Wallquest--with Mediterranean morning or desert sunset effects in Novacolors and Golden acrylics, such as the Dancers. Alderman and Wallquest have customized digital color separations subtle and bold for designers Alaina Michelle Ralph, Aspire House McLean, Aaron Stewart, Stewart and Rodriguez and Nan Quick, as well as digital proofs of the Winterthur palette for designer Thomas Jayne.