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Pool Pavilion

Pool Pavilion

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Alderman public art for beautification of the town of Belmont, Underwood Pool pavilion, the first public swimming pool in the entire USA, 80'x14', on cinderblocks, Benjamin Moore Paints.

Limited edition prints available in custom sizes.

Painters: Talented team includes Mary A. McLellan, Mary R. Lee, Meryl Leahey, Katherine Leahey, Allison Leahey, Virginia Holly Angell, Laura M. Simmons, Eudoxia Woodward, Pat Pratt and more.

Special thanks go to Anne-Marie Aigner and Associates and Peter Rand and Susan Samuelson and Carol, The Committee for the Beautification of Belmont,  and more.

Inspired by Placemakers: Public Art That Tells Your Where You Are, the landmark book by Ronald Lee Fleming and Renata von Tscharner.

Price is for small card print, approx. 5 x 7 inches.