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Hamlen Fabrics


Fabric: 53" wide: (a) oyster linen, (b) organic cotton denim, (c) combed cotton sateen, (d) silk, (e) artist canvas, (f) (polyester 

Heights of panels: (a) 108", (b) 103", (c) 96", (d) 76", (e) 58" and custom


Colors: (a) bespoke designer colors, (b) chinois light blue ground, (b) light gray ground, (d) grisaille, (e) silhouette, (f) reverse

Order custom printed yardage for curtains, pillows, window shades, lamp shades, light upholstery, kimonos, accessories


Organic cotton demin curtains at the studio

Ask about samples and workroom services for drapes, corded down pillows, more photos tba in March '19