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IN SCENIC wallpaper, art printing, photography and paintings, Holly Compton Alderman explores classical themes and natural wonder for their potential to inspire and transform contemporary imagery, to awaken new audiences to the power of the proportions and palettes deeply imbedded in our narrative visual culture, architecture, fashion and more.

Holly Alderman home in South Hadley MA

Alderman has painted over 40 private and public wall murals -- for residences, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums, projects installed from southern California to Maine -- as well as ceilings, floors and scrim curtains.

At the National Academy ('NA') of Design Abbey Mural Fellowship in New York, she made mural models of Central Park in digital imaging for museum quality fine art digital printing with Superior Giclee, Dan Saccardo. Her innovations expanded to scanning extremely rare antique French scenic wallpapers by Dufour in 2007, to preserve distress and patina in digital trompe l'oeil replica prints and new customized wallpaper editions. She designed a blog/boutique and her first Dufour giclee wall scenes online sale shipped to Belgravia in 2008.


Originally from the Connecticut River valley in New England, Holly Alderman studied art history and design science at Harvard, and publishing at the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Program where she envisioned her first book packaging editorial and design collaboration, which became a best seller, 135,000 copies and appeared on the cover of Publishers Weekly. 

Alderman was a teaching assistant in the Design Science Studio at Harvard in Le Corbusier's Carpenter Center, the Department of Art, Film and VIsual Studies. She studied with Varujan Boghosian, Rudolph Arnheim, Paul Rotterdam and Mirko, and directed a national design science conference and festivals including speakers Eric Drexler, Buckminster Fuller, Bill Stevenson, Arthur Loeb and Eudoxia Woodward. 

Alderman was a special assistant writer and editor for the Harvard President's Office, Board of Overseers and department at the Medical School, while she freelanced features for community newspapers.

Her Harvard Square design studio on Brattle Street, Armitage Design created book covers, collateral and historical exhibitions for universities and publishers. For example, The Path of the Law, from Beacon Hill to Faneuil Hall, her map and annotated walking tour of 50 historic sites for the Suffolk University Law Library, was reprinted in the Mass. Law Weekly. She also painted public art facades for parks, with grants from the Cambridge Arts Council, Belmont Arts Council, and Harvard Office for the Arts.

Alderman has painted over 40 private murals, ceilings, canvas and scrim curtains for residences, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums, projects installed from southern California to Maine.

At the National Academy of Design Abbey Mural Fellowship in New York, she made mural maquettes in digital imaging followed by museum quality fine art digital printing with Superior Giclee owner Dan Saccardo. Her scale of innovations expanded to scans of extremely rare antique French scenic wallpapers by Dufour in 2007, preserving trompe l'oeil distress and patina in digital replica prints and new customized wallpaper editions. She designed a blog/boutique and her first Dufour giclee wall scenes online sale shipped to Belgravia in 2008.

Her garden montage exhibitions of printed fabrics, woven tapestry and wall art have appeared at Saint-Gaudens National Park, Cornish NH, Chelsea Flower Show & AD Architectural Digest Home Show with Nan Quick Design, The Brickyard in Cambridge, Bellevue House Gardens in Newport, the Peabodys in Northeast Harbor, the Garden Club of America Cambridge Plant and Garden Club Zone 1 Meeting Dinner at Harvard, and the Dublin Art Colony Monadnock Open Studio Art Tour, among other venues.

The touchstone of Alderman's panoramic wallpaper is the "landscape she grew up in" on a road of early modernism. Antique French scenic wallpaper panoramas around a room, resonate with her memories of ten-mile vistas of fields, ancient elms, distant farms, orchards, mountains, observed through walls of glass.

 Holly Alderman landscape wallpaper Dufour Views of Antiquity Views of Italy

"Don't you think sometimes people are formed by the landscapes they grow up in? It formed everything I ever think or ever do or am."-Joan Didion, about California, in The Center Will Not Hold, (Netflix bio documentary 2020). 

Alderman specializes in gardens and landscapes, originals and heritage wallpaper scenes: antique panoramas renewed for new audiences on premium archival eco-chic papers and fabrics. Special projects include framed art canvas limited edition sets and one of a kind wallpaper fabric fashions.


Made in USA: Alderman's new antique scenic wallpaper panoramas, panels and prints, are all custom fine digital editions renewed and printed by Wallquest, one of the most innovative and respected wallpaper manufacturers in the US and the world, with delivery to 60 countries.

Original panoramas and exhibits

"Holly Alderman's work is a wonderful combination of Modern and Post-Modern elements, as she creatively combines past and present, giving us multi-layered views of diverse worlds, that include the Renaissance, the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Her view is refreshing, poignant, and magical."

-- Dr. Katherine Hoffman, Chairperson and Professor, Fine Arts Department, St. Anselm College

"Holly Alderman's art combines serious purpose, wit and whimsy in an engaging alchemy. In the multi-layered images of her Cyber Heroes project for the National Academy, she makes past and present speak to each other in a lively dialogue. Icons of New York's Guided Age mingle with references to the city of today, while figures formed in dotted lights march in front, as if into the future. The effect is visually stunning and thought provoking."

-- Diana Wolfe Larkin, Ph.D., Art historian and poet 

As a Mural Fellow at the National Academy Museum in New York, Alderman designed for the Academy's Beaux Arts museum at the former Huntington mansion on Fifth Avenue, an innovative format for murals of Central Park and the upper east side, with multi-layered digital blend images of statues, landscapes, skylines and iconography. For more views go to Alderman NA Mural. Alderman's heritage storyteller papers and fabrics are available print-to-order at 

In original work, she combines views of sculpture, gardens and landscapes in transparent layers of digital photography to create unique see-through silk, illusions on paper, and banners for six month outdoor installation at the Saint-Gaudens Memorial and National Historic Site in Cornish, New Hampshire. In this special exhibition, her original photography, extensive historic picture research and advanced techniques in digital printing allowed her to create many shimmering new perspectives to engage viewers in a lively dialog with the spirit of the place, stimulating to new visitors and both familiar yet startling to everyone for whom the Saint-Gaudens site is a well-loved touchstone. 

Holly Alderman's privately commissioned murals, paintings and decorative arts are found in residences, gardens, offices and restaurants from Southern California to Maine. She painted her first public art classical faux facade in 1995 (below), a park garden folly in 1997, a Westwood Inn-Motel on Wilshire Boulevard LA in 1998, show house murals, scrim curtains, window shades and furniture. Her art has appeared on This Old House, Dream House and Today, as well as on covers of Harvard Magazine, Publishers Weekly and Monadnock Magazine.

Her art and design have been exhibited in the Aspire Show House MacLean, Design and Decoration Building Fall Market New York, Chelsea Flower Show and AD Home Show, Boston Design Week, Providence Fine Furniture Show, Junior League of Boston Designer Show Houses, Boston Public Library, Harvard Club of New York, the White House, Hayden Gallery of MIT, Hungarian National Gallery, College Art Association, Art in Bloom of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Bellevue House Gardens in Newport, Peabodys in Northeast Harbor, Cambridge Art Association. She has also created murals for parks and public spaces with grants from the Cambridge and Belmont Arts Councils with Massachusetts Council on the Arts.

Alderman's first public art painting, Belmont, Massachusetts

Alderman's first public art facade, painted on white cinderblocks, Belmont MA

A third generation designer of architectural arts, she works in digital media collaborations remotely with teams of expert printers and photographers. She paints murals and decor on site and in her rural studio with a view of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire (above). Alderman is a graduate of Harvard College, where she chaired a national symposium of the Design Science Group in the Department of Art, Film and Visual Studies. She studied Photoshop with Grace Graupe-Pillard in New York and composition with Varujan Boghosian, Robert Neuman, Mirko and Rudolph Arnheim. She has written feature articles for community newspapers as well as reports and exhibit catalogs as a special assistant for the Harvard President's Office, Harvard Overseers, 12 university divisions and departments, and the Radcliffe Club of Boston.

Alderman's second view, north to Mount Monadnock, until age 20.

Holly Alderman studio at Mt. Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH, described by Ralph Waldo Emerson in Monadnoc, a poem written from the summit in 1845. Next to an Emerson family summer retreat for over a century.

Full name, Holly Compton Alderman, portfolios of scenic wallpapers, murals and decor appears at, instagram and twitter @aldermanarts and Pinterest onlybyholly. Several murals-on-silk for gardens and walls of glass appear online at beginings of