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Holly Alderman

Holly Alderman South Hadley

Holly Alderman is an artist of wall scenes, panoramas and scenic curtains, who develops limited editions of hand painted antique wallpapers and fabrics renewed in bespoke digital printed editions.


The Hamlen Collection in fall 2018 -- chinoiserie idealized gardens, panoramas of panels, curtains, pillows with flowering trees, birds and butterflies, brought from China in the mid 19th century, and

The Cay Collection in spring 2019 -- French style landscapes of Italy and classical antiquity first printed by wood block by the Dufour atelier in Paris in the early 19th century.

Artist Holly Alderman crossed the digital divide to design bespoke wall scenes and fabrics in digital layered imagery at the National Academy Museum Mural Fellowship in New York, where she composed original formats for iconic scenes of Central Park for murals and fabrics. Her mural design presentation for the Museum's formal dining room on Fifth Avenue, renovated by Ogden Codman in 1913 when it was the Huntington Mansion, was featured in the NA fellowship brochure.

The Hamlen Collection, bespoke editions of hand painted chinoiserie by sustainable digital printing on premium forest-certified paper and organic cotton and other fine fabrics. This antique heirloom wallpaper, which was brought from China in the mid 1860s by Dev's great grandfather, Nathaniel Hamlin of Boston, sailing on the clipper ship Union, is strikingly most similar to wallpaper commissioned by the Prince of Wales in 1784 for Brockett Hall, a National Trust property. We are researching the date.

Alderman also produces bespoke renewed editions of extremely rare French style grisaille (gray) narrative landscape wallpaper panoramas, both The Cay Collection, Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples (Paris, 1820) and The Compton Collection, Views of Antiquity, also known as Voyage Pittoresque de la Greece, later The Turkish Scenes, first printed by wood block by the Dufour atelier in Paris in 1815 among many exports to England and North America.

The Upper East Side project was followed by an outdoor exhibit for Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish NH, large garden banners with compositions of landscapes, iconic sculpture, digitally printed on satin cloth to hang on pergolas, porches and trellises from May through October.

Holly was a teaching assistant in Design Science, 'the structure of ordered space in 2 and 3 dimensions' in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard where she studied art and architecture in Corbusier's Carpenter Center and organized a national design science conference. She became a special assistant for the President's Office, writer for the Overseers and the Department of Social Medicine. The cover of Harvard Magazine featured one of a dozen structural paintings.

Holly Alderman Scenic Wallpaper at Bermingham & Co., NYC, Dufour Antiques Anew


Printing original wallpaper panoramas by hand using wood blocks in the early 19th century required more than twenty artisans to work in extreme secrecy for an entire year.

     Working with Wallquest for digital renewal and printing since 2014, Alderman's wallpapers in bespoke limited edition panels and panoramas and fabrics and art for framing are customized and set up in digital formats by a digital team in less than a week.

     Alderman has been a speaker about "digital innovations in interior design" at the D&D Building in New York and at four Boston Society of Architects annual conferences. She has written and designed blogs and websites since 1993 and wrote features and profiles for Cambridge, Belmont and Monadnock area newspapers and magazines. She has designed historical exhibitions and walking tours of Beacon Hill and Cambridge, for Harvard, Suffolk, and other universities.

She painted public murals with grants from arts councils of Massachusetts, Cambridge and Belmont, and taught public mural design and decorative painting.

     Alderman's art and decor have appeared in over 40 locations and exhibitions from Southern California to Maine, to London and Istanbul, also a retrospective of symmetry silkscreens at RISD in 2016, interior decorative painting and decor on TOH, Dream House and Today, five Decorator Show Houses, covers of Publishers Weekly, Harvard Magazine and novels by Nathaniel West and Saul Bellow among others, and designed the 600+page best seller Woman's Almanac, 12 How to Handbooks in One. 

     She and her family with three children lived in Harvard Square, Cambridge and Dublin, New Hampshire. While children were in school, Holly played tennis on doubles teams, won B-level singles tournaments and golf driving contests. Her daughter Sarah is the Managing Director of the Ensemble Studio Theater in New York and lives in Brooklyn; Mary is a math teacher in Silicon Valley with an MAT from UC Santa Cruz, and Eliot is a landscape gardener and runner in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Holly greatly enjoys transforming their 1906 arts and crafts shingled summer house designed by William Emerson of Cambridge, with customized digital chic wallpaper and fabrics.