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Holly Alderman home in South Hadley MA
Holly Alderman produces new editions of antique panoramic wallpapers from early 19th century French landscape monochromes to colorful chinoiserie gardens originally hand painted on silk, and now preserved and renewed by innovative digital imaging. Alderman's one of a kind interior installations appear in over twenty cities in six countries, customized for new locations and audiences. She grew up in South Hadley, Massachusetts in the Connecticut Valley surrounded by early iconic modernism on a road of houses designed in 1947-52 with panoramic walls of glass by Bissell Alderman FAIA. Scenic wallpaper brings similar vistas and proportions indoors with distant mountains, tall trees, tall ships, travelers and more. Above, the Aldermans' house; below, two of Holly's French Dufour wallpaper panels captured in scans with Daniel Saccardo of Superior Giclee and renewed in fine custom printing with Wallquest, here shown on exhibit at the New York DDB (D&D) Building fall market.
Holly Alderman Scenic Wallpaper at Bermingham & Co., NYC, Dufour Antiques Anew 

Samples & estimates on request. Samples may require a deposit to be returned when samples arrive back at Alderman Studio in a few weeks. Order new and limited editions: custom chinoiserie gardens and French style panoramas, fabric, framed art canvas, tapestry, woven throws, skirts, scarves, caftans.
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Connect: To discuss your vision for custom wallpaper or fabric, or a named collection or limited editions, please email or call the studio M-F 9-5 EST for a free consultation. We reply within 24 hours.]

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Ask for a complimentary Photoshop layout of the panorama or scenes of your choice in your elevations or room dimensions: one custom color sketch. 

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Custom turnaround is 4 to 6 weeks for bespoke printed wallpaper (based on a sample and one proof) or fabric, framed art canvas or art prints. Custom coloration may take longer in collaboration. Rush service turnaround under 4 weeks may be possible if schedules permit, for additional 25% cost. For new custom coloration and proofs, the turnaround minimum 3 weeks from date of deposit. Delivery to 60+ countries. 
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W A L L P A P E R 
ROLL width: 54" (137.16 cm), no repeat, 2" overlap; buy single panels or full panoramas
Content: high quality durable nonwoven, environmentally safe water based inks
Sizes (6 panels): (a) 58"h x182”w; (b) 74x232; 96x301; (c) 110x345; (d) 120x376, (e) bespoke
Styles below: French, Chinoiserie, Central Park
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CANVAS: (S) 24"sq.; (M) 30"sq.; (L) 40"sq.; (Vertical) 24"x40"; (Horizontal) 40"x30"; bespoke. Framed in 1/2" black, white or silver, delivered ready to hang
WALLPAPER: (a) 18x50 (b) 18x20 (c) 24x58 (d) 30x58 (e) 36 x 36 (f) 30x72 (g) 40x84 (h) 54x168 (i) 54 x 120 (j) 58x185; Mounted in 1" gold, silver, black or white
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ROLL width: 54"w. Organic 100% Cotton. 100% Linen. Silk Habotai 53"w. Custom
-- Fabric panorama curtain sizes: image 96"h x 24'w
Pillows: pairs custom printed linen with concealed zipper and piping
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Hand carved and printed in Paris by Dufour et Cie, 1815-1820, pre-industrial landscapes and harbors with tall ships, community walkabouts, monuments, classical ruins, seascapes, horizons, voyages and grand tours, new editions copyright ©2018 by Holly Alderman, all rights reserved, Jaffrey NH. 
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Hand painted in China, c1840 (or late 18th century). The Hamlen Collection LLC. Hundreds of blooms in idealized gardens, 8 panels of evocative flowering trees, 30 colorful birds and 25 butterflies, traditional auspicious symbols for harmony, good fortune, happiness.
Color/Texture: digital background matches original light blue; optional patina of antiquated blue-gray; custom backgrounds available from dark teal to light ivory, emerald, charcoal, apricot, persimmon, ochre, light pink; gold and silver metallic ink under layers; grass paper, textile strings. Hospitality fire rated vinyl and substitutes available. Copyright © 2018 by Devens H. Hamlen, all rights reserved; office at 54 Canal Street, Boston MA 02114 USA. 
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To discuss a wall or room of scenic wallpaper, please call or email Holly Alderman, art director.

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About Holly Alderman

Alderman’s original art and decor have appeared in a retrospective of symmetry silkscreens at RISD in 2016; also in parks, residences, offices and museums from southern California to Maine, on TOH, Dream House and Today, four decorator show houses, covers of Publishers Weekly, Harvard Magazine and the 600+page best seller Woman's Almanac, 12 How to Handbooks in One.

Holly grew up four miles from the Connecticut River on farmland in a mid century modern house furnished with original iconic design, with original topographic maps of the Connecticut River and Pioneer Valley as wallpaper made in a sepia blueprints, opposite walls of glass with expansive views of fields and pastures bordered by the Mount Tom range and Mount Holyoke.

Alderman's pioneer region is digital imaging and editing for printing decorative art for scenic walls and fabrics. She developed installations in six countries in over twenty cities with designers and customers over this decade.

At 16, Holly was appointed a teaching assistant in art by a teacher from Bern, who had studied in Paris at École des Beaux-Arts and at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. 

Holly studied art and architectural history and design at Harvard College, became a teaching assistant in design science and organized a national conference.

Holly has worked in digital originals and conservation since 2004 including scans and renewal of Mediterranean views in Dufour woodcut wallpaper from Paris, and the Hamlen Chinoiserie masterwork.

At the National Academy Museum Mural Fellowship in New York, chaired by Richard Haas and facilitated by Grace Graupe-Pillard, Alderman began to design digital scenic murals in transparent iconic photo blends of Central Park sculpture and views that became wallpaper, fabric and landscape art.

Alderman developed an informal creative network of digital artists and printers for discovery and collaboration on digital imaging and printing to develop innovations in interior design with fine art photographers, fine art digital printers, architects, interior designers, decorators, artists, conservators, paper hangers, hosts of exhibitions and design events.

Alderman's clients include interior designers, owners and architects located in Beverly Hills, Paris, London, Istanbul, Bangkok, Santa Monica, Olympia, Houston, Lake Forest, Manhattan, Georgetown, Charleston SC, Cambridge, Belmont, Marlborough, Dublin, Peterborough, Jaffrey and more.

She taught public mural design and decorative painting and had painted 40 murals in parks with grants from arts councils of Massachusetts, Cambridge and Belmont, residences, offices and museums, and then crossed the digital divide from traditional techniques to layered digital imaging. Alderman has been a speaker about "digital innovations in interior design" at the D&D Building in New York and at the Boston Society of Architects annual conferences. 

She studied history of art and architecture at Harvard College with Rudolph Arnheim, Paul Rotterdam and Mirko. She was a teaching assistant in Visual Studies in Synergetics, the Structure of Ordered Space in Two and Three Dimensions in the Design Science Studio of Arthur Loeb, friend of Buckminster Fuller who wrote the last chapter of his tome, Synergetics. She organized a national Design Science conference at Carpenter Center for Visual Arts designed by Corbusier.

She was a designer and writer of historical walking tours, The Path of the Law from Beacon Hill to Faneuil Hall for the librarian at Suffolk University, and historical exhibitions that toured the Boston Public Library, New York Harvard Club and greater Boston. She was a feature profile writer for local newspapers, Belmont and Cambridge. Her family with three children lived in Harvard Square, Belmont ,and Dublin, New Hampshire.

Designers and decorators discover Holly Alderman on Instagram @aldermanarts and and in searches for antique wallpaper on blogs and pinterest, twitter, art tours and design events. 

Views of Antiquity at the D&D Building in New York

Holly Alderman Scenic Wallpaper at Bermingham & Co., NYC, Dufour Antiques Anew

Alderman Dufour wallpaper renewal above, at DDB, NYC, 2018; below, Alderman home designed by Bissell Alderman FAIA, professor of architecture, MIT.

Holly Alderman home in South Hadley MA