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Scenic papers, fabrics and framed art installed in over 30 cities in 6 countries. Email the Studio to discuss your design vision.

20+ Custom and limited editions of wallpaper, custom color, coordinated fabric, framed art, photography, original art panoramas and painted murals. 

Studio services: bespoke coloration, site specific photo-sketch layout elevations for presentations, bespoke proofs, hand glazed details, expert workroom, framery, more.

Sustainably made in USA. Fine digital art printing on premium eco chic non woven wallcovering by Wallquest, one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers in the US and the world, with delivery to more than 60 countries. 

Holly Alderman was a National Academy Mural Fellow in New York designing digital printed murals for public art. She studied history of art and architecture and the American landscape at Harvard College where she was a teaching assistant in the course Synergetics: The Structure of Ordered Space with Arthur Loeb. Architects Bissell Alderman FAIA and George PB Alderman were Holly's father and grandfather. Aldermans began to build houses in Farmington and Salisbury, Connecticut three centuries ago

For design --

- trade prices

- estimates for new projects; 

- bespoke color proofs

- textures, gold underlayers

- expert workroom, framer

Wallpaper samples on request
To be returned to Alderman Studio in a few weeks. 
Custom turnaround is 4 to 6 weeks for bespoke printed wallpaper (based on a sample and one proof) or fabric, framed art canvas or art prints. Custom coloration may take longer in collaboration. Rush service turnaround under 4 weeks may be possible if schedules permit, for additional cost. New custom coloration and proofs, turnaround 3 weeks from date of deposit. 
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W A L L P A P E R 
ROLL width: 54" (137.16 cm), no repeat, 2" overlap; buy single panels or full panoramas
Content: high quality durable nonwoven, environmentally safe water based inks
Sizes (6 panels): (a) 58"h x182”w; (b) 74x232; 96x301; (c) 110x345; (d) 120x376, (e) bespoke
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CANVAS: (S) 24"sq.; (M) 30"sq.; (L) 40"sq.; (Vertical) 24"x40"; (Horizontal) 40"x30"; bespoke. Framed in 1/2" black, white or silver, delivered ready to hang
WALLPAPER: (a) 18x50 (b) 18x20 (c) 24x58 (d) 30x58 (e) 36 x 36 (f) 30x72 (g) 40x84 (h) 54x168 (i) 54 x 120 (j) 58x185; Mounted in 1" gold, silver, black or white
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ROLL width: 54"w. Organic 100% Cotton. 100% Linen. Silk Habotai 53"w. Custom
-- Fabric panorama curtain sizes: image 96"h or 92"h or custom
Pillows: pairs custom printed linen with concealed zipper and piping
Fashions TBA
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Hand carved and printed in Paris by Dufour et Cie, 1815-1820, pre-industrial landscapes and harbors with tall ships, community walkabouts, monuments, classical ruins, seascapes, horizons, voyages and grand tours, new editions copyright ©2020 by Holly Alderman, all rights reserved, Jaffrey NH. 
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Hand painted in China, c1840 (or late 18th century). The Hamlen Collection LLC. Hundreds of blooms in idealized gardens, 8 panels of evocative flowering trees, 30 colorful birds and 25 butterflies, traditional auspicious symbols for harmony, good fortune, happiness.
Color/Texture: digital background matches original light blue; optional patina of antiquated blue-gray; custom backgrounds available from dark teal to light ivory, emerald, charcoal, apricot, persimmon, ochre, light pink; gold and silver metallic ink under layers; grass paper, textile strings. Hospitality fire rated vinyl and substitutes available. Copyright © 2020 by Devens H. Hamlen, all rights reserved.
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To discuss a wall or room of scenic wallpaper, please call or email Holly Alderman, art director.

*"Only connect" - from E.M. Forster, Howard's End

Aldermans began to build houses in western Connecticut before 1720. Aldermans in architectural arts in New England include Bissell Alderman FAIA, Alderman & MacNeish, Architects and Engineers, who designed hundreds of public buildings over 4 decades after teaching architecture at MIT. His father George P.B. Alderman, Alderman & Alderman Architects, designed mills, town halls, schools, city blocks and brick and Victorian mansions in industrial cities, after being Cass Chapman's apprentice in 1880s Chicago and Evanston. 


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As an independent artist Holly C. Alderman owns the copyright to all these images, photos and related work on this website. This includes every image on this  site and all wallpaper, fabric, framed canvas, paintings, drawings, photographs and writing, unless otherwise © Dev Hamlen. Copyright protection in the UK and USA is automatic and no registration system is required. Copyright is a form of intellectual property and, like physical property, can be bought and sold, inherited or otherwise transferred. Copyright in artistic work (including a photograph) lasts until 70 years after the death of the artist.