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3.0 CENTRAL PARK Walking Dots

Original electric format of digital layers composed transparently for printed murals and fabrics
Angel of Central Park visits National AcademyThe best I've seen in years" -- Dr. Francis O'Connor, NA critic, mural historian
"It's fantastic what you did with the light man, the bulbs, the reflection, and the firemen, and everything... with the silhouette of the light man walking behind. I love him. It looks great." Tom Petrovich, Manager, Bergdorf Goodman Men's, Fifth Avenue NY
 "Holly Alderman's art combines serious purpose, wit and whimsy in an engaging alchemy. In the multi-layered images of the Cyber Heroes project for the National Academy she makes past and present speak to each other in a lively dialogue. Icons of New York's Gilded Age mingle with references to the city of today, while figures of dotted lights march in front, as if into the future. The effect is visually stunning and thought-provoking." -- Diana Wolfe Larkin, Ph.D., Art Historian
"Her view is refreshing, poignant, and magical" -- Dr. Katherine Hoffman, Professor and Chair, Art Department. St. Anselm College, Emeritus 
Cyberspace in Classicism, National Academy Museum Mural Fellowship, 5th Avenue NYC, in the formal dining room, renovated by Ogden Codman in 1913. 
Classicism in Cyberspace, Saint-Gaudens National Park Special Exhibition, Cornish NH, electric see-thru layer garden banners.
Special thanks to Rusty Bastedo for delivering the National Academy portfolio to the Saint-Gaudens Memorial in Manhattan.