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Alaina Michelle Ralph wraps master suite in bespoke heirloom chinoiserie panoramas

Photo caption: A new look into the elegant aura of 19th century reception rooms and master suites, enter a grove of antique flowering fruit trees, climbing roses, tree peonies, lotus, chrysanthemums, morning glories and more, that compose an idealized aviary of exotic birds and butterflies as a walkabout around a new master suite conceived by designer Alaina Michelle Ralph in Charleston, South Carolina. The subtle evocative  heirloom chinoiserie wallpaper is from The Hamlen Collection, hand painted nearly two centuries ago in China and reenvisioned in new editions by by Dev Hamlen. Availiable in bespoke and limited editions in state of the art digital printing on sustainable eco chic non woven paper, from Holly Alderman wallpaper boutique, printed by Wallquest with delivery to 60 countries. Photo tba. 
CHARLESTON SC-- Abundant auspicious symbols of good fortune, loyalty, longevity, health, wealth and love, unroll together in new exquisite idealized gardens, bespoke heirloom chinoiserie panoramas from The Hamlen Collection.
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• Join the conversations iwalkabouts, "informal strolls among small crowds and visitors" and see details of 20+ birds 
Walkabout wallpapers welcome visitors to idealized worlds, private theaters for entertaining, in gardens of tall flowering trees among lotus and peonies, chrysanthemums, plum blossoms, climbing roses, morning glories and many more, exotic pheasants, cockatoos and many other birds, butterflies, dragonflies, crickets, wasps, white ducks laughing, black squirrels scampering along bamboo,  hand painted in the mid 19th century and renewed for new audiences. 
An ancestor's discerning eye for decorative arts and auspicious symbols, on an adventurous voyage to China, today inspires the preservation of heirloom decorative arts with advanced digital printing that transcends traditional techniques to delight and inspire new audiences.
The new panorama signifies the first editions of fine digital renewal of Dev Hamlen's original heirloom hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper, a gift from his great grandfather Nat Hamlin whose discerning eye and adventurous spirit in voyages by clipper ship to Calcutta and China are manifest in styles for two centuries the epitome of glamour in royal palaces and historic estates in England and early American farms and t Today transcends traditional techniques in decorative arts with bespoke 'digital eco chic' printing that preserves distinctive original patina as trompe l'oeil enigmas, curls and flakes, to share old world aura of idealized gardens with designers and audiences now. Available from Holly Alderman exclusives.ties
Thanks go to Devens Hamlen whose great-grandfather Nathaniel selected this masterwork of hand painted wallpaper in China to return by clipper ship to Boston with a gift for garlands of generations. Browse many humorous touches of nearly two centuries ago. 
• Hamlen Collection bespoke wallpapers, fabrics and framed art canvas are available from Holly Alderman, custom printed on sustainable Eco Chic papers by digital artists and printers at Wallquest with delivery to 60 countries. The Hamlen Collection LLC Copyright ©2018 by Devens H. Hamlen.
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