Join the Grand Tour, Indoors: Walkabout Wallpaper
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Walkabouts: Informal strolls among small crowds, for an important visitor

Heirloom wallpaper scenes welcome you into private theaters of epic travels, spectacular views, high comedy, for centuries, in new digital chic bespoke editions
  Time for a wander... through ideal gardens among birds and butterflies or promenade to the golden age, sail back beyond horizons to see the Silk Road caravans
     "Wallpaper scenes inspire new audiences for real-time walkabouts in old world glamour to visit ancient landmarks, legendary ports, pre-industrial crossroads, at home" -- Holly Alderman
     Since the early days of civilization, walls told stories -- Join the conversations and walkabouts that began centuries ago in London, Lyon, Paris, Naples, Rome, Izmir, Istanbul, Ephesus, London, Boston, Guangzhou (广州), Wayland...

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