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Alaina Michelle Ralph wraps master suite in epic heirloom chinoiserie 'digital chic'

CHARLESTON SC-- Designer Alaina Michelle Ralph surrounds a new master suite with evocative idealized Chinese gardens 
with authentic antique patina throughout hundreds of blooms and background in the panorama of tall flowering trees, exotic birds, abundant auspicious symbols featured in The Hamlen Collection, innovative digital wallpapers, fabrics, framed art and more in bespoke new editions renewed and printed by Wallquest, available from Holly Alderman exclusives.
Join the conversations along walkabouts in the aviary garden, informal strolls in small crowds with visitors to see the pond where white ducks forever laugh together, black squirrels scamper, pheasants converse hand painted by gifted artisans China about two centuries ago, renewed to capture patina as trompe l'oeil enigmas custom printed by Wallquest in USA with delivery to 60 countries.
The Hamlen Collection is showcased by Holly Alderman exclusives: Custom "Compton Digital Chic®"wallpaper, fabrics and framed art in bespoke limited editions printed by Wallquest in USA with delivery to 60 countries. Hamlen Collection Copyright ©2018 by Devens H. Hamlen.
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