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Select 16 Dufour Views, 8 Hamlen Chinoiserie Panels, Central Park Scenes

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Holly Alderman Wallpaper and Fabrics Hamlen Flowers and Birds chinoiserie wallpaper by
- customized for interior designer Nan Quick who envisioned Hamlen garden closet doors as if open to an idealized summer for all seasons. And down the hall... 
NAPLES -- Armchair travelers meet by oceans' edge to join the Views of Italy grand tour in scenic wallpaper originals by Dufour in Paris c1822, renewed in the Cay Dufour Collection...
Holly Alderman wallpaper Views of Italy Nan Quick Design
"The Holly-Interpretations are what make the Views of Naples feel fresh, surprising and NEW" -- Nan Quick. For permission to scan Vues d'Italie at Rose Hill, special thanks go to John & Billings Cay. Below, Italy by Dufour at Winterthur, Evan John photo. 
Evan John photo, Winterthur
... Armchair aesthetes indoors explore Bellevue House Gardens outdoors through 700+ photos here in albums and day by day on Instagram @Bellevue_Gardens_Newport to join virtual storyteller garden walks, Classical follies and pools...
bellevue house gardens ronald lee fleming holly alderman photography
... whimsical ornament, new American Renaissance themes, sculptures, fountains and further adventures in this unique narrative garden in Newport designed by Ronald Lee Fleming with architect J.P. Couture, seen in Alderman's photo albums A to Z and on Instagram, @Bellevue_Gardens_Newport
We look forward to the new book by Ronald Lee Fleming, The Adventures of a Narrative Gardener, Creating a Landscape of Memory to be published on October 27 by D Giles Ltd., London.
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