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DESIGN SHOW OPEN THRU JUNE -- [LINK HERE] Next to GRAN GUSTO Trattoria in CAMBRIDGE--DESIGNERS are welcome to call HOLLY for an appointment and tour AT THE EXHIBIT-Photos on Instagram @aldermanarts
Hamlen Chinoiserie Wallpaper in Tradtional Home spring 21 Holly Alderman
Gweneth Paltrwo In Goop Health LA Custom Hamlen Wallpaper CNN


ID BOSTONBoston Design Week, Fall 2021

Hamlen chinoiserie aurawall wallpaper window show boston design week 54 canal street

Sam Gray Photo


Traditional Home

Thanks go to Alaina Michelle Ralph Interior Design

Interior Photos: Katie Charlotte Fiedler
Holly Alderman Hamlen Collection Traditional Home Chinoiserie wallpaper Alaina Michelle Ralph

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On CNN Sunday morning -- screen shot in San Jose, Getty Image spring 21

In 'next' - New England Home Magazine Ad

Holly Alderman wallpaper Hamlen Collection New England Home magazine ad, Summer 2019

Summer 2019


As seen in The World of Interiors Design Report - April 2021

World of Interiors Cover Sprint with Design Report
WOI Design Report Holly Alderman Hamlen Pillow Nan Quick Interior
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Linen Pillows seen in Garden Club of America BULLETIN, Winter 2021
Holly Alderman Hamlen Chinoiserie Pillows wood ducks and pheasants
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• January 2021, ASPIRE DESIGN & HOME Magazine, Alaina Michelle Ralph Interior Design 
Aspire Design and Home magazine MacLean Show House Alaina Michelle Ralph Interior Design pillow, Holly Alderman- in MacLean VA

• December 2020 ... as seen in House & Garden, Tatler, The World of Interiors Design Reports, and fall ID BOSTON / Boston Design Center editorial 

Garden Club of America [GCA] Bulletin, Show House ad, Fall 2020

ASPIRE DESIGN & HOME Magazine, MacLean Show House, Alaina Michelle Ralph Interior Design, Charleston SC:


Aspire magazine Alaina Michwelle Ralph, Holly Alderman my hand painted pillow Hamlen Chinoiserie

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..."As seen in" House & Garden, World of Interiors, and Tatler UKads for Hamlen Chinoiserie in House & Garden, World of Interiors, Tatler UK

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Series of photos and ads on full Design Report pages and covers, TBA

The World of Interiors, Design Report, November 2020

Holly Alderman Hamlen chinoiserie pillow in World of Interiors Design Report November 2020

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ID BOSTON, Interior by Nan Quick, October 2020 ad, p. 28  
Holly Alderman Hamlen Chinoiserie Wallpaper Flowers and Birds on Closet Doors ID Boston ad fall 2020

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The Bulletin, Garden Club of America, March 2020
Garden Club of America Bulletin ad Hamlen chiinoiserie wallpaper, art, pillows, tray
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Boston Design Week
Full Page, Program
Spring 2019
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Palm Beach - Kips Bay - Decorators Show House - Journal ad, Feb. 2020
Alderman Palm Beach Kips Bay Decorators Show House Ad

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ID BOSTON, October 2019

Holly Alderman wallpaper Hamlen flowers & birds Fall ID BOSTON ad

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ID BOSTON, spring 2019

Holly Alderman wallpaper Spring ID BOSTON ad Hamlen Flowers & Birds


from the blog

BROCKETT HALL, Prince Regent Suite, near London

Holly Alderman, antique wallpaper Hamlen Collection, Chinoserie Prince of Wales, Brockett Hall
Custom painted in China, 1784, at left. Hamlen chinoiserie wallpaper at right, fine digital printing facsimile renewed by Wallquest, from scans by Kathy Tarantola Photography of original painted panels on silk created in China two centuries ago.
A Boston clipper ship story
In the mid 19th century, Nathaniel Hamlen, age 21 sailed from Long Wharf in Boston on the clipper ship Union to India and back, and later from San Francisco to Japan and China. Nat brought back a panorama of flowers and birds, 'auspicious chinoiserie' that later decorated the Hamlen family dining room at Mainstone Farm on a hilltop in Wayland, Massachusetts. Nathaniel's idealized garden panels are now a unique legacy of museum quality originals.
Only possible in this new decade, fine art electronic imaging of the third industrial revolution inspired Nat's great great grandson to develop his family's antique flowers & birds as sustainable digital wall coverings and fabrics for new audiences and generations.