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Hamlen Chinoiserie

The Hamlen Collection offers exquisite bespoke panels, accent walls, panoramas, fabrics, framed canvas, notes

Maionstone chinoiserie, treetops in the Hamlen Collection by Holly Alderman

- from an extremely rare antique hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper c1860, recently renewed in state of the art digital scan formats 

Renewed and custom printed on eco-sustainable wallpaper by Wallquest


Panel width: 54 inches, 137 cm (or 90 cm, 35.4 in)

Heights                     Panorama width           Total panels 

(A) 122 cm, 48"(4')

(B) 153 cm, 60"(5')

(C) 188 cm, 74"

(D) 225 cm, 88"

(E) 244 cm, 96"(8')              30 ft

(F) 275 cm, 108"

(G) 325 cm, 128"

(H) 355 cm, 132"(11')

(I) custom


Background: light blue. Also in bespoke ivory, tan, light pink, celery green, grasspaper texture, black silhouette.


Art prints and ornamental details, treillage, borders, faux woodwork with chair rail, and wainscoting wallpaper and rolls, colors, on request

Minimum order: 2 panels  


Hand painted in China and brought to Boston by Nathaniel Hamlin sailing on the clipper ship Union, c1860. The wallpapers were installed at his family's Mainstone Farm in Wayland, Massachusetts, established in 1872. Devens Hamlen envisioned renewed editions and managed the digital capture of original panels removed from the historic dining room. 

Similar original painted papers are found in England at Brockett Hall, a National Trust property about 22 miles north of London, below left. Photo credit: National Trust. Compare similar chinoiserie styles at Brockett Hall, National Trust House near London, and Mainstone Farm, Wayland, Massachusetts, Holly Alderman

Also in progress as scrolls, screens, woven tapestry, note cards, totes, fashions and more

hamlen chinoiserie in custom colors


Dev Hamlen envisioned new editions of his China Trade wallpaper now renewed and custom printed by Wallquest, one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers for wallpaper in the US and the world, with distribution to more than 60 countries.

In 1862, Nathaniel Hamlin, age 21 of Brookline, Massachusetts sailed from Boston Long Wharf on the clipper ship Union to Calcutta, and for 6 months while he sailed, almost every day his parents and sister wrote letters which one can read at the x Library. He returned x months later, and made another voyage to Calcutta the next year. In March 1864, age 23, he sailed from Boston to Canton, China (illustrations - map and photo).

He bought the original hand painted wallpaper in China for his family and when he returned, established an import business and lived in Back Bay on Beacon Street. In 1871 his uncle established Mainstone Farm in Wayland, Massachusetts, a family dairy farm with a herd of Gurnsey cows, for about 80 years, and still the Hamlen farm, now the largest farm in Boston Metro West with Belted Galloways, beef cattle, acres of vegetables and a rustic farm stand well loved by the region. The wallpaper was installed in the dining room in Wayland where Dev Hamlen, the owner today, had birthday parties.

Mainstone Farm belts galloway cattle

Last year, after years of planning, more than 200 acres of Mainstone Farm was accepted by a vote at town meeting for conservation and recreation for future generations of the town to enjoy forever the walking trails, pond skating and bird watching next to farm fields.

Chinese wallpaper originals and digital files, cropped images and products in development all Copyright ©2017 by Devens H. Hamlen, all rights reserved.

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Chinoiserie Panels 1 and 2 Prints

New fine art editions of antique wallpaper

Chinoiserie Gardens - Fall Specials

2 canvas prints, framed art

Frames: Black or White or Silver, 1/2" wide

Colors: Garden hues and original/renewed light blue background, and customized

Size: 24"w x 60"h above, buy one or both

An example of many pairs and trios

Canvas: Artist fine quality

* * *

Gray and blue backgrounds

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Chinoiserie Garden Hamlen Collection gray background

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Chinoizerie Gardens the Hamlen Collection

 Holly Alderman Wallpaper Chinoiserie  Hamlen Collection Spring Special art square Pheasants

More choices

2 canvas prints, framed art

Frames: Black or White or Silver, 1/2" wide

Sizes: 40"x40", 30"x30", 24"x24", 30"x40" 

Featuring: Above, one square of several; email or call to discuss your design vision

Or paper, premiere non woven wallpaper with a beautiful antique look and feel, made in USA and forest certified. For luxury hospitality specifications, certified fire rated FR substrates.

Example of framed print, dark gray background -

Holly Alderman WALLGAZE Wallpaper Chinoiserie Garden The Hamlen Collection gray background framed print

Order: One panel, several, or full panoramas

Estimates: Each inquiry or order receives a custom estimate valid for 30 days. List Prices are price guides for 'sale' offers and boutique items. Turnaround is 3 to 6 weeks.

Proof: For accuracy, a color proof is sent for approval before custom printing.

Fabrics: Combed cotton sateen, Heavy oyster linen, Organic cotton denim, Cotton duck, Silk habotai, and Artist canvas

Colors: New proofs and possibilities

Holly Alderman Wallpaper Scenes Chinoiserie Gardens The Hamlen Collection Colors Gray, Charcoal, Apricot, Gold, Tan

Chinoiserie Garden Wallpaper Copyright ©2017 Devens H. Hamlen