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Seaver & McLellan

Seaver & McLellan

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Seaver & McLellan show Views of ITaly Dufour by Alderman

Monumental scenes, customized as masterworks for your visionary space.

Views of Italy, Seaver and McLellan, Dufour by Holly Alderman, and Alaina Michelle Ralph

"Dufour was the leading French maker of scenic wallpapers during the French Empire and Restoration periods. ... Known for fine engravings of views of Paris, London and Constantinople..."--Wendy Moonan, Antiques, NYT'92

Cay DUfour Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples, Seaver & McLellan

Enjoy Cay Dufour, Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples, panorama in light sepia tone. The original Cay residence wall scenes BELOW, 80 inches high, renewed ABOVE.

Dufour Views of Italy by Alderman at Seaver & McLellan

Art historians and curators arrive from near and far -- Manhattan, Hudson, Mount Vernon, Santa Barbara to Seaver & McLellan in Jaffrey NH to see these extremely rare antique French scenes, Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples in new facsimile editions, bicentennial wallpaper formerly seen only in palaces or historic house museums such as Winterthur, or Moffat-Ladd House in Portsmouth NH and the Cambridge Historical Society on Brattle Street.

Fine digital custom coloration and printing by Wallquest. Samples and estimates from Holly Alderman.

Seaver & McLellan stage fascinating crossroads of styles where stark ivory mid century modern molded fiberglass Finnish touchstones animate the outdoor-indoor sidewalk-salon and walkabout wallpaper invites you to join the perambulations and conversations among a 19th century Mediterranean mix of cultures from east and west, Asia and Africa and Europe as one time capsule of the world's busiest seaport -- steps away from the  contemporaneous quintessential New England brick waterpower dam and manufacturing plant, Jaffrey Mills.