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Art Structure by Alderman
Holly Alderman

Art Structure by Alderman

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A R T   of   S T R U C T U R E

Designed, hand cut and hand printed silk screens

by Holly Alderman

Limited edition giclees prints.

Original silkscreens. 

Buy single prints or sets, up 60 inches wide

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Holly Alderman Artist Structure Design Science Pattern Prints 2

Holly Alderman, artist of silk screens symmetry portfolio for design science studio and Sarah McLLellan
The artist in her studio with Sarah, photo by Kim Allis


The silkscreen collection is now in a permanently in the Nature Collection at at RISD, where 20 prints were exhibited in spring 2016 at the Synergetics Symposium. Photo by Kim Allis. The prints were commissioned by Arthur Loeb for exhibition in the Design Science Studio at Corbusier's Visual Art Center, Carpenter Center, in the 2nd floor curved wall studio where Loeb taught Synergetics, the Structure of Ordered Space in 2 & 3 Dimensions. Buckminster Fuller and Rudolf Arnheim were his friends and frequent visitors. 

Holly Alderman Artist Structure Design Science Pattern Prints


Print sizes - also for custom fabrics, wallpaper, floors

Series 1- 40x40, 40x30, 30x30, 24x24,

Series 2 - XS-8x10, S-11x14, M-16x20, L-22x30,  

XL-30x40, XXL-40x60, XXXL 54x74, 60x...custom

RISD 2016 -- Alderman Silk Screens were exhibited at the RISD Synergetics Symposium in the Nature Lab to represent the Loeb Design Science Collection. Originally hand printed for Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard. Exhibited at VES 1983-2002, International Symmetry Congress, 1987.

Structure is design science. Structure Art is abstract art of the 60s and 70s era of pop art, op art and Warhol. Alderman structure prints captured the moment to define that time in a style of expression and ideal technique. 

Alderman experimented in structural paintings, 5' x 5' exhibited at Carpenter Center, one appeared on the cover of Harvard Magazine.

A decade later she printed patterns in 20 silkscreens, now in archival giclee prints.




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