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Style Faux Shade

Style Faux Shade

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Trompe l'Oeil Shade appeared on TOH and Dream House, exhibited at a Junior League of Boston Decorator Show House.

Window shade whimsey, Concept: Gladys 'Pebble' Gifford, Harvard Square

28.5"x 40", designer vinyl with wooden roller, custom made by Mohawk Shade

Now in limited edition shades, art prints, canvas wraps, wallpaper, note cards


Holly Alderan Window Shade ArtHolly Alderman window shade, hand painted for Pebble Gifford

"It MAKES the room!" -- Pebble Gifford

Installation photo shows the context of the original painted shade, now as a print.

Custom sizes plus--

(A) Framed canvas, 30"x40" 

(B) Foam core,  30"x40", 28"x 35", 24"x30" 

(C) Shade vinyl, 30"x40", 28"x 35", 24"x30" 

Shipping and packing not included.

Price is for a small print, 5x7.


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